Working as a Carpenter in Australia

Carpentry in Australia

There’s plenty of work for skilled and qualified carpenters in Australia. Even though there’s been a recent downturn in the mining boom, there’s currently a housing and construction boom on the East Coast major cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

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Can I do an apprenticeship if I am an international student?

Unfortunately, international students cannot undertake an apprenticeship in Australia. However, there are many international colleges that offer the course that allows you to become a qualified tradesperson in Australia. Most of these courses include at least 360 hours of work experience with a qualified trades person.

I have completed half my apprenticeship or trade qualification back home, can I get qualified in Australia?

If you have completed a partial qualification from outside Australia, you may be able to apply for partial credit transfer so you get credit for some components of an Australian qualification. A city and guilds level 2 from the UK, may be considered comparable to an AQF level 3 under certain circumstances. This is judged on a case by case basis depending on the content of the course studied.