What is Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP)?

Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) allows Assessment Level 2 and 3 students (or students from countries with traditionally a high risk of over staying: India, China, Russia etc…) to have their visa application processed a lot faster than normal. Under streamlined visa processing Assessment Level 2 and 3 students are assessed as Assessment Level 1 by the Department of Immigration.  This means that you may not need to provide evidence of your level of English (IELTS test), evidence of funds (bank statements) and other required documents.

However instead of having your evidentiary documents assessed by The Department of Immigration, your documents are assessed by your education provider. Because of this, the enrollment process may take a lot longer and you will need to provide more documents to the educational provider. So much of the responsibility and time taken to process your application is taken away from The Department and given to the Education Provider.

Who can get Streamlined Visa Processing?

Almost all universities, most TAFE’s and many Private Education Providers are eligible to issue Streamlined visa processing if they offer a course that is of a minimum level Advanced Diploma. To be eligible for SVP you are required to study a course that is:

  • Advanced diploma
  • Bachelor degree
  • Masters degree
  • Doctoral degree
  • Non-award university student exchange program
  • Non-award study abroad program.

Examples of students eligible for SVP:

  1. A student who is attending an SVP eligible university and completing a Bachelor Degree will be eligible for SVP
  2. A student who is undertaking a Certificate 3 in Automotive and Advanced Diploma of Management at a Private College will be eligible for SVP.

Example of students not eligible for SVP:

  1. A student who is studying General English
  2. A student who is studying a Cert 3 and Diploma of Business

What are the Benefits of Streamlined Visa Processing?

  • It allows Assessment Level 2 and 3 students to have their visa application processed a lot faster as most of the responsibility for vetting the students is placed on the education provider
  • Without SVP it may take around 2 – 3 months to have and Assessment Level 3 student visa application processed, with SVP the application can be processed in under a week.

What are the Negatives of Streamlined Visa Processing?

  • The Enrollment Process is a lot slower to enroll at the education provider. Therefore it will take more time to receive your Confirmation of Enrollment to apply at the university.

Please note that SVP doe not affect whether or not a student can apply online. Therefore most students still cannot lodge their application online.

Pathway to Aus is partner with many education providers that are SVP eligible. We can assist you in enrolling into a course that is suited to you:

P: (+61) 7 55 265 900

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