What is DAMA?


DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreements) are a special kind of TSS Employer Sponsored Visa (Subclass 482). These visas were created so that specific regional areas can attract much needed employees to fill roles. However please note you still need an employer to nominate you for an occupation to be able to apply for this visa.

The DAMA visas may allow the only opportunity for applicants who are too old to apply for PR through standard visa pathways. Additionally it may allow applicants to obtain PR through employer sponsorship when their occupation would not usually allow this through traditional visa pathways.


It can lead to Permanent Residency (Unlike standard 482 employer sponsored visas, this specific visa may allow you to transition to PR in the future).

There are additional jobs allowed to be sponsored on this visa (that are not on the STSOL). Each specific occupation comes up with a list of in demand occupations for the region.

You can only apply for this specific type of visa in a designated regional area (You cannot apply for this visa in any regional area, only in a specifically approved regional area aurthorised by immigration – listed below)

There are often lower entry requirements for this visa. (Depending on the specific DAMA region, you may be able to apply for this visa if you have a lower English level, lower salary offered or even receive age concessions)