Trade apprenticeship in Australia

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is time spent learning a skilled trade under the direction of a qualified tradesperson. There are hundreds of different trades such as carpentry, auto mechanic, electrician or plumber. As an apprentice, you and an employer have a legal agreement called a training contract. This lasts until you have completed your training and both you and your employer agree you are competent in your field. In Australia, most trade-based apprenticeships take 4 years to complete. This will see you holding a Certificate III in your trade.Generally, during the apprenticeship, you will work on the job under your supervisor at your place of work for 4 days per week, as well as off the job with an education provider for 1 day per week.

You are paid throughout the 4-year apprenticeship and your pay increases every year. The government usually pays part of your wage your employer and part of your fees to your education provider.

Unfortunately, foreigners cannot work a traditional 4-year apprenticeship in Australia, as you cannot obtain a work visa to do so. However, there are still options available to learn a trade in Australia.