Recognition of Prior Learning

What is Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognised Prior Learning is about having your previous work experience and skills assessed so that you can obtain a qualification. You gain the qualification based on the skills you learn on the work site, not in a class room.

It makes obtaining your qualification faster and cheaper. It will often be cheaper than completing a full qualification, because you’re not paying to learn things you are already know.

Example of RPL

if you have worked as an automotive mechanic for several years you may already have many of the skills and knowledge that you would learn if you studied the course in Australia. So through RPL, you can turn the skills and knowledge you have gained through on-the-job experience into an Australian recognized qualification.


Your Australian Employer

Your Australian employer may not recognize or accept your overseas qualification or experience, so through RPL or credit transfer it could allow you to obtain an Australian recognized qualification.

Migration Purposes

RPL is very useful for those who have the experience, knowledge and skills required to work in a profession, but no official educational qualification. You may require a Diploma or Certificate in order to obtain a visa or pass a skills assessment.

Obtaining licensing

To obtain a license to work in a profession, you may be required to obtain an Australian recognized qualification.