Parent Visa

Primary requirements

Before getting any further it is important to understand some of the main requirements.

Parent of a citizen or permanent resident

The Applicant must be the parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident who has spent at least 2 years living in Australia

Family balance test

You must pass the balance of family test (at least half of the applicants children and step-children must be citizens or permanent Residents in Australia, or more of the main applicants children must be settled permanent citizen or residents of Australia than any other single country).

Temporary Parent Visa

If you are do not meet the balance of family test, you could also consider the Temporary Parent Visa (Subclass 870).

Additional requirements

There are some additional requirements that may apply depending on the visa you’re applying for.

Criteria for Contributory Aged Parent visa

The main applicant of this visa must be over 66 years of age, however if they have a partner aged younger than 66, they can be included as a secondary applicant.

Health and Character

Your parents will need to meet health and character requirements and will need to undertake a medical assessment, chest x-ray and HIV test. Please note that if you go the non contributory parent visa route then your parent would be required to undertake a medical assessment before the visa is granted.