Is the new working holiday visa age limit 35?

There has been a lot of talk about immigration changing the age working holiday age limit to 35.

This HAS ONLY HAPPENED for a few different countries. Canadian and Irish citizens can apply for a working holiday visa up until the age of 35.

The age limit for every country is still 18 – 30 years old. The Department of Home Affairs did change legislation so that the working holiday could increase to 35, however it still lists every country to have a maximum age for the visa of 30 years old. This means that UK, USA, Italy, France, Germancy and every other country cannot apply for the working holiday visa (subclass 417 and 462).

The immigration made this change in legislation to potentially make it easier in the future to change the age limit for specific countries.

Will immigration increase the age limit to 35 for other countries?

No one really knows. There is no current time frame of when and if the government will increase the age limit. The government has made it easier to change the age limit for specific countries in the future, so it could change at any time.

If you are currently 31 years and old and would like to remain in Australia or potentially looking at ways to migrate to Australia there may be other options for you including:

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  • Skilled Visas

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  • Employer Sponsored Visas or
  • Partner visas

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