How to work as an Electrician in Australia?

Do I need Australian licensing to work in the trade?

To be able to work in many different trades in Australia, you are required to hold a license for the occupation.

Unfortunately there is not one single licensing body for all trades. This is due to the fact that licensing requirements vary throughout the different States of Australia.

Generally speaking any electrical work MUST be done by a licensed electrician.

It is common for many foreign trained electricians to work as a trade assistant for a construction or electrical company, however you are not allowed to undertake any electrical work if you are not licensed.

A trade assistant assists a qualified tradesman and is not qualified in the role.

Already in Australia?

If you are already in Australia on a student or working holiday visa, then you can apply for a license to work here.

The first step towards applying to work in Australia is that you apply for an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR)