How to cancel a student visa

Students may choose to cancel a student visa for a number of reasons. If you are looking to return home before your course ends, then you can apply to voluntarily cancel a student visa.

To cancel your voluntarily student visa, you will need to complete form 1194 and email it to It is recommended to only cancel your student visa once you have left Australia. 

Generally speaking it can take roughly 2 –  4 weeks for immigration to get back to you and cancel your visa.

Please be aware that if you are planning to remain in Australia, then cancelling your student visa many not be a good idea.

For reasons why it may be a bad idea to cancel you student visa, read here. If you are looking to remain in Australia it might be a good idea to just apply for another visa. If you apply for a new visa once the visa is already granted, your student visa will no longer be valid. However if you cancel your student visa without a new visa being granted, you will become unlawful in Australia. This could potentially give you problems applying for new visas in the future.

If I cancel my student visa, will I have any problems in the future applying for another visa to Australia?

Yes, it could. If you leave Australia and then voluntarily cancel your student visa,  there may not be many repercussions in the future. However if immigration cancel your student visa, and you don’t voluntarily cancel your student visa, then you will face some serious problems applying for future visas in the future.

What happens if I stop studying and remain in Australia, but do not voluntarily cancel my student visa?

If you stop studying and remain in Australia, then there is a good chance that your school will contact immigration and let it know that you are not studying. If you are not studying in Australia and on a student visa, then you could have your visa cancelled my immigration.