Gabi’s interview

Gabi is a client of ours who we assisted with the transition from her graduate work visa (subclass 485) to Permanent Resident (QLD State Nominated – Subclass 190). Her situation is something that is very common, with Pathway to Aus assisting many nursing graduates to obtain permanent residency in Australia. The State Sponsorship (Subclass 190) Visa or Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa are the two most common visa options for our nursing clients.

When did you initially come out to Australia?

I came out to Australia in 2014 to undertake a bachelor of Nursing in Brisbane. I had previously been working in a similar field in The Philippines. I graduated in 2017 and then obtained the graduate work visa

What was your pathway to the visa?

After obtaining the graduate work visa in 2017, I worked in an aged care facility as a registered nurse. I built up my experience and PTA assisted me to obtain a skills assessment as a registered nurse (Aged Care). I worked there for 1 year before we ended up applying for QLD State Nomination.

What did you do before coming to Australia?

I was working at a hospital in the Philippines. However, my previous education in The Philippines wasn’t recognised in Australia so I couldn’t get registered using my Philippines experience alone.

Why did you come to Australia?

The health care industry in Australia is one of the best in the world. I had family there and I know that nursing graduates from Australia can earn a lot of money. Not just in Australia, but around the world.

What do you do in your job?

I am working at an aged care facility in Brisbane doing all the standard things including – supervising assistant nurses, wound care, health assessments and plan formulation.

How did you find your job in nursing?

During my studies at university, I worked as an assistant nurse for 20 hours per week and unlimited in school holidays. This led to full-time employment as a registered nurse when I finished the course.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about moving to Australia?

I would advise anyone to look into doing something that they are passionate about, but also that is in demand in Australia. I have a lot of friends who did a bachelor of business or something like this and that doesn’t go anywhere.

What are your plans for the future?

Now that my husband and I have PR, we plan to go for citizenship soon. We also want to start a family.

How did PTA help you?

Pathway to Aus was great. I knew that I may have a possibility, but when I couldn’t improve my English to get the points, I didn’t know I had other options. Nick sat down with me and explained State Sponsorship and walked me through the process. He first obtained QLD State Sponsorship because nursing was on the QLD list. He then applied for the permanent visa and included my partner on the visa with me. He always took my call and was patient.

Tell me about how found out about PTA?

Pathway to Aus was referred by a colleague who they also helped obtain PR.



Gabi came from Philippines to Australia in 2014


Bachelor of Nursing in Brisbane


Working at an aged care facility in Brisbane


Find a profession you’re passionate about, but also that is in demand in Australia.