COVID-19 Pandemic Visa

COVID-19 Pandemic Visa

This visa may allow temporary visa holders to apply for a visa to remain in Australia lawfully. Please note, the visa is created as a visa of last resort. The visa you can only apply for if there are no other options. It was also created to assist employment in occupations that are in high demand during this pandemic such as health care, aged care and agriculture. This is not a visa everyone can apply for if their visa is about to expire.

The intention of the visa is that it allows applicants who cannot apply for any other visa to remain in Australia and work in required industries (agriculture, health or aged care). I believe there is A LOT of room for immigration case officer discretion when reviewing the visa applications.


You must be in Australia

You must be unable to depart Australia

You currently hold a visa that is expiring in 28 days or your visa has already expired (within the past 28 days)

You are unable to make a visa application for any other visa application

You must be working or intending to work in occupations that are in shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic in relation, specifically but not limited to, agriculture, aged care and public health.

You must have substantially complied with the conditions of your last visa.

You must have health insurance.