Understanding the Pacific: Foundational Concepts, Critical Perspectives


Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

This foundational credential defines what we mean by ‘the Pacific’. Pacific countries and territories are characterised by diversity and commonalities, set against the backdrop of a multi-dimensional regional architecture, that features regional and sub-regional organisations, both old and new, notably the Pacific Islands Forum and the Pacific Community. Through this Micro-credential, participants explore how Pacific Island countries perceive their region, and their place in the international system, interrogating the drivers and obstacles to change across multiple dimensions (cultural, political and economic) and applying a critical lens to address critical questions for the future of the Pacific region. To guide these crucial conversations, practitioners and Pacific experts share their experiences and provide real-world examples that illustrate the complexities of addressing the future challenges for Pacific Islands Countries. Upon completion of this Micro-credential, participants will be able to understand the foundational concepts required to critically engage in analysing the complexities of the Pacific Islands region.
What do we mean by the Pacific?
The Pacific diplomatic system
Economic development in the Pacific
Aid in the Pacific
Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion, participants will have the knowledge and skills to:
Understand the diversities and commonalities of the Pacific Islands, including in the way politics works in varied cultural circumstances
Critically assess the factors that are driving change in regionalism in the Pacific, and how the system is evolving
Engage in discussions on the structures of different and diverse Pacific island economies
Understand specific challenges associated with giving aid successfully in Pacific Island countries
Who should enrol?
This credential is designed for policymakers, program designers, researchers and analysts working on and in the Pacific region, to provide an introduction to foundational knowledge and concepts.

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