The Demographic Way of Thinking


Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

The demographic way of thinking’ is an introductory level short-form micro-credential aimed at the public service, policymakers and the general public interested in understanding population change and its drivers. It answers the question of why demography matters in social policy making and equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply demographic perspectives to critically assess population change. This micro-credential sets the foundation for informed policy discussions on population change in Australia and its implications on economic, environmental and social sustainability.
Determinants and components of population change
Population structures and their implications
Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion, enrollees will have the knowledge and skills to:
Explain the determinants and components of population change
Interpret population structures and their implications
Apply demographic perspectives to critically assess social, economic and environmental change
Micro-credential stack information
This micro-credential is undertaken as a stand-alone course.

Key Information
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