SFI50119 Diploma of Aquaculture


CRICOS course code: 0100601
Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

Fish farming is a booming industry, so follow your ambitions and enrol into SFI50119 Diploma of Aquaculture. This industry is rapidly growing as the demand for global fish resources grows faster than supply. This course will set you up for a life-long career, or a very profitable business.
To get you there, this Diploma will teach you a wide range of managerial, technical, coordination and planning skills which you will use on a daily basis. Topics covered within the course includes developing breeding strategies, planning ecologically sustainable practices, maintaining stock health, developing production plans, managing staff and business operations and developing marketing strategies that comply with government regulations and restrictions.
Our campuses feature extensive salt and freshwater aquaculture facilities that will provide you with practical hands-on training that relate directly to the aquaculture industry.
After completing this course, you may be able to continue your education at university in related fields of study.

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