SFI30119 Certificate III in Aquaculture


CRICOS course code: 100603
Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

Further your knowledge in aquaculture and sustainable food sources with this qualification. This course will build your knowledge in fish farming by giving you the skills to be able to plan, install and construct structures to house fish and other species. During your studies you will acquire the skills to create a balanced environment for stock by ensuring the water temperature and flow are all of good quality, which is vital for healthy fish stock. Your newly gained knowledge will also give you the opportunity to identify and treat diseases and dispose of effluent wastes when required. Part of this course involves harvesting stock, carrying out postharvest operations and arranging stock transport. It will be your responsibility to operate high technology water treatment components and implement emergency procedures and occupational health and safety guidelines if they arise. This qualification is very practical and hands on with extensive salt and freshwater facilities located at the campuses. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Aquaculture Farm Attendant, Pond Worker.

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