Secure By Design 2


Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

Secure By Design 2 continues the integration of the entire development lifecycle of IT systems in a secure environment through further investigation of secure design methodologies.
Who should attend?
This course builds on the skills gained in Secure by Design 1.
This course credits into further study, or can be taken stand alone.
Course content
Continuing from Secure by Design 1 — you will explore concepts such as secure failure, domain-driven design, and common cyber-attack techniques. This Micro-credential continues to explore the construction of security as a component of IT systems.
Course outcome
Explain Secure Development Lifecycle models and identify appropriate models for a given situation
Assess the maturity of secure systems development in the IT work environment
Apply Security by Design industry-standard principles in real-time systems development
Completion of this micro-credential as part of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Transformation and Creative Intelligence is subject to Academic approval

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