Political Economy of Service Delivery in Melanesia


Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

This micro-credential aims to develop conceptual and applied knowledge of governance and service delivery challenges in Melanesia. By examining existing and emerging trends in the region, particularly in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Bougainville, this micro-credential considers contemporary policy debates involved in the politics of governance reform, decentralisation and its associated implications for development. Specifically, the micro-credential considers the role of Constituency Development Funds (CDFs) in providing local-level development and service delivery to communities in Melanesia. It introduces participants to scholarly discourse on a range of topics incorporating insights from comparative politics, public administration and development studies to engage with debates on decentralisation, government service delivery and the emergence of CDFs in the Melanesian context. Case studies of applied policy relevant research conducted in Melanesian countries are explored.
The role of the state and concepts of governance
Decentralisation and the post-colonial Melanesian state
Long standing challenges of government service delivery
The emergence of CDFs
The politics of governance reforms
Policy and programming challenges in supporting governance
Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion, enrollees will have the knowledge and skills to:
Demonstrate an understanding of the contextual factors behind governance reforms in Melanesia, including reasons for their successes and ongoing challenges
Critically reflect on and engage in an in-depth analysis of key policy reform initiatives relevant to the Melanesian context
Appreciation of the challenges faced by key political actors, public servants and development partners in Melanesia

Key Information
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