Master of Strategic Studies


CRICOS course code: 102924G
Level of study: Postgraduate

The Strategic and Defence Studies Centre combines the theoretical and practical expertise of leading academics and policy-makers to deliver Australia’s foremost strategic studies program. Develop the analytical frameworks you need to tackle the regional and global strategic and security challenges of your career, and graduate a leader in your field.
Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and cognitive skills in strategic and defence studies; Possess an integrated understanding of the conduct of strategy, military operations, and its relationship to policy; Undertake strategic and policy analysis and be able to critically analyse, reflect on and synthesise complex information relating to the conduct of strategy and military operations; Possess the technical skills needed to access the academic literature in the fields of study associated with strategic and defence studies; Research and apply established theories and concepts and exercise expert judgement in military, defence or policy contexts as they apply to Australian, Asian and Global settings; Apply strategic concepts and knowledge to practical, contemporary problems using case studies from Australia, Asia and global environments; Conduct scholarly research, express ideas and construct evidence-based arguments in both written and oral form.

Key Information
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