Master of Science in Quantum Technology


CRICOS course code: 099252F
Level of study: Postgraduate

Quantum technologies such as computing, metrology and communications have the potential to vastly change our world, as they push us towards the Quantum Age. By exploiting quantum phenomena, society-changing technologies such as unbreakable cryptography or exponentially faster computers are poised to become a reality. Recently, many of these technologies have matured to the point that a commercial quantum industry is emerging. This has been met with huge investments from government and industry, both domestically and internationally.
The coming Quantum Age will require a technically-skilled workforce to serve the needs of this new and rapidly evolving industry. There will also be an increased demand for knowledge of the field within government, defence, finance, professional services and related sectors. This program equips you with the required skills and knowledge of the scientific, technical, business and societal aspects of quantum technology to be highly competitive in the emerging quantum industries of the present day and of the future.
Learning Outcomes

demonstrate high level knowledge in the area of their study;
apply their knowledge in the discipline to new problems;
interpret, synthesize and critically analyse published literature of relevance to the discipline;
demonstrate theoretical and/or practical skills relevant to techniques and research methodology for the discipline;
critically analyse data within the discipline to reach independent conclusions
demonstrate a critical understanding of science in society.
clearly communicate theory and results in both written and oral formats

Key Information
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