Master of Science in Earth Sciences


CRICOS course code: 101480
Level of study: Postgraduate

As a Master of Science in Earth Sciences student, you’ll delve into the complex systems and processes that shape our planet at a time when understanding it has never been more important. You’ll be studying at Australia’s leading academic research institution for Earth sciences, ranked 9th in the world (QS, 2018). We have a reputation for international leadership and innovation, focused on developing new methods, whether experimental, analytical or computational. You’ll study courses ranging from computational geosciences to analytical techniques, biogeochemistry, experimental petrology, geobiology, geochemistry, geochronology, geophysics, ocean and climate change and planetary sciences.
Employment Opportunities
A Master of Science in Earth Sciences gives you the opportunity to gain a wide range of knowledge and skills that are relevant for employment in industry, government agencies and education. It is an excellent qualification for pursuing a career in tectonics, geochronology, mineral exploration and hydrocarbon exploration.
Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate high level knowledge in their chosen study area.
2. Interpret, synthesize and critically analyse published literature of relevance to the discipline;
3. Acquire, analyse and interpret independent data, from field, laboratory or computational experiments.
4. Apply their knowledge in the discipline to new problems;
5. Demonstrate a critical understanding of science in society;
6. Clearly communicate theory and results in both written and oral formats with university staff, peer students and the wider community on Earth Science topics.

Key Information
Visa Information
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