Master of Science (Advanced) in Biological Sciences


CRICOS course code: 096440D
Level of study: Postgraduate

Do you want to make a career out of making new discoveries about the fascinating living world? The Master of Science in Biological Sciences (Advanced) is a flexible program that can be tailored to suit your specific educational goals. Our program allows you to specialise in a particular area of biology such as biomedical sciences, ecology and evolution, genetics, and plant sciences. This program offers a research component which provides the student an opportunity to conduct hands-on research in a laboratory of a research scientist/supervisor and complete a written thesis document detailing this novel research.
Employment Opportunities
A postgraduate degree in biological science will provide you with a solid background to pursue career goals in a range of fields including plant and animal laboratory science, field ecology, industry, agriculture, public and environmental policy. Our graduates find interesting careers in a range of areas including agricultural biotechnology and plant breeding, clinical or medical research, pharmaceutical companies, biosecurity, environmental policy and biological education. The Master of Science in Biological Sciences (Advanced) can also lead to a PhD.
Learning Outcomes
1. demonstrate high level knowledge in the area of their study;
2. apply their knowledge in the discipline to new problems;
3. interpret, synthesize and critically analyze published literature of relevance to the discipline;
4. demonstrate theoretical and/or practical skills relevant to techniques and research methodology in the discipline;
5. critically analyze data within the discipline to reach independent conclusions;
6. independently perform experimental or theoretical work, interpret and analyze results, write reports and collate data into a thesis;
7. demonstrate a critical understanding of science in society;
8. clearly communicate theory and results in both written and oral formats

Key Information
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