Master of Science (Advanced) in Astronomy and Astrophysics


CRICOS course code: 101477
Level of study: Postgraduate

The Master of Science (Advanced) in Astronomy & Astrophysics is a full-time two year program based upon 50% coursework and 50% research. The coursework may be tailored to a student’s needs, and can include astrophysical techniques, astrophysical computing, planetary science, stellar astrophysics, galaxies, cosmology, and courses from cognate disciplines. Many courses contain research or hands-on components that develop skills and knowledge in the latest advances in astronomy and astrophysics. They also offer training in areas highly relevant outside of academia, e.g. project management, computer programming, and problem solving skills. Some of the courses may include the acquisition and analysis of telescope data, the development of theoretical models, or the development and testing of new astronomical instrumentation.
Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate high level knowledge in Astronomy & Astrophysics and relate it to a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts;
2. Apply their knowledge in the discipline to new problems;
3. Interpret, synthesise and critically analyse new published literature of relevance to Astronomy & Astrophysics;
4. Demonstrate skills relevant to research methodology and techniques for Astronomy & Astrophysics;
5. Critically analyse data within the discipline to reach independent conclusions;
6. Perform telescope observations or theoretical calculations, or construct astronomical instrumentation; interpret and analyse results, write reports and collate data into a thesis;
7. Demonstrate a critical understanding of science in society
8. Clearly communicate theory and results in both written and oral formats with university staff, peer students and the wider community on Astronomy & Astrophysics topics.

Key Information
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