Master of Public Health


CRICOS course code: 0101051
Level of study: Postgraduate

About the Course
As a public health specialist, you will have the knowledge and tools to investigate, critique, manage and respond to health and social issues in Indigenous, local and global contexts.
This course builds up skills in interpreting health information, including epidemiology, statistical analysis, and quantitative and qualitative research methods.
Learning alongside public health leaders, you will design and evaluate public health interventions, and apply your knowledge to health promotion, the health system, and healthcare policy and decision making.
Career Opportunities
Graduating from this course may lead to career opportunities in non-government organisations (NGO) and government sectors in areas such as health research, professional health practice, health policy and planning, epidemiology, communicable and chronic disease control, community development and aid work nationally and internationally. This program offers an academic pathway to a research career.

Key Information
Visa Information
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