Master of Public Health


CRICOS course code: 082346F
Level of study: Postgraduate

Improve the health of future populations with the globally-focussed ANU Master of Public Health.
Through innovative and applied education, you’ll gain an understanding of contemporary public health issues, and learn practical techniques for analysing public health problems.
Whether you study online or on campus, this program provides real experience in public health through core courses designed to give you the skills you need and electives that suit your interests. Workplace-related learning can be readily incorporated for those who work in relevant public health jobs.
Learning Outcomes
Explain and apply an understanding of the socioeconomic, behavioural, biological, and societal determinants of health and disease.
Understand the factors affecting the aetiology, incidence, and prevalence of major health problems in populations
Understand the factors affecting the need, demand, and use of health care and public health services
Critically read and evaluate quantitative and qualitative research findings contained in medical, public health and social science journals.
Apply analytic tools to defining and describing public health problems.
Demonstrate creativity, inquisitiveness, and evidence-based rigour in the application of public health problem-solving skills.
Communicate effectively and persuasively, both orally and in writing.
Integrate knowledge and research methods skills to address a research question.

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