Master of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies


CRICOS course code: 108330G
Level of study: Postgraduate

If you’re fascinated by the Middle East and Central Asia, transform your passion into a specialised qualification at Australia’s premier institute for international studies. Through this program, you’ll gain a deep regional grounding from multiple interdisciplinary perspectives, including contemporary politics, international relations, modern history, political economy, development studies, sociology, and religious and cultural studies. The degree includes intensive options for busy professionals, and online options* for those based remotely, alongside traditional face-to-face seminars with leading global experts on the Middle East and Central Asia. * Note that student visa holders [subclass 500] cannot study more than one-third of this program online.
Employment Opportunities
A MMECAS will advance your career in any professional area requiring a solid understanding of the Middle East and Central Asia, whether in diplomacy, the public service, teaching, journalism, development or business. Alongside in-depth study of these geopolitically significant regions, the degree includes options for training in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish languages, and experiential courses that develop leadership and problem-solving skills.

Key Information
Visa Information
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