Master of Marketing Management


CRICOS course code: 091184M
Level of study: Postgraduate

The Master of Marketing Management (MMM) program equips graduates and professionals from any discipline to become evidence-based decision makers, innovative problem solvers, responsible social citizens, and future leaders. The MMM program provides specialised knowledge and skills in the area of marketing, and can be tailored to include a second specialisation. This is then followed by further specialisations: Management Essentials that provides a coherent body of knowledge of leadership, change management, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy. Marketing that provides knowledge about how to combine aspects of economics, commerce, psychology, sociology and statistical analysis in the assessment of market behaviour and the development of appropriate business responses.
Employment Opportunities
Graduates from the Master of Marketing Management are:
Marketers in the private or public sectors challenged by the complexity of modern organisations; Professionals from diverse backgrounds needing a mix of marketing and management knowledge and skills to enhance their career prospects; Marketing management consultants seeking leading edge thinking on management practice policy advisers designing, implementing or evaluating policies; Management, leadership, consultant, coordination or administration positions in areas such as sales, advertising, marketing, corporate services, tourism, hospitality, health, welfare, social services, administration, public relations, policy, planning, production, education services, customer services, facilities and construction.

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