Master of International Relations


CRICOS course code: 082309M
Level of study: Postgraduate

Studying international relations at ANU means you will be studying the best program of its kind in Australia and graduating with one of the most respected degrees in this field in the world. The Master of International Relations is the only international relations program in Australia that blends a concern with global politics, leading disciplinary innovations in thought and practice, and an engagement with the Asia-Pacific region. The program equips you with a keen understanding of the pressing issues of our time by providing you with access to globally-recognised experts in face-to-face seminars.
In this degree, students will learn to make sense of the big political and security trends taking place in the region and the world, and come to terms with the significant debates in the field of International Relations. The Master of International Relations encourages and equips students to form their own world views and generate their own analyses of the important issues shaping our world today.
Learning Outcomes
Discuss the dynamics of contemporary international relations, especially in the Asia-Pacific region;
Discuss the key theories for the analysis of contemporary international relations;
Use international relations theory to reflect upon contemporary problems in areas such as international security, global governance, international political economy or human rights;
Conduct high-level research and writing to undertake self-directed study in international relations;
Analyze new areas of concern in both scholarly and policy-relevant terms;
Communicate their findings in academic and practical contexts, justifying their approach and methods in appropriate.

Key Information
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