Master of International Management


CRICOS course code: 088059J
Level of study: Postgraduate

The Master of International Management program equips graduates and professionals from any discipline to become evidence-based decision makers, innovative problem solvers, responsible social citizens, and future leaders. The program provides specialised knowledge and skills in the area of international business, and can be tailored to include another specialisation (in different discipline) or personal choice of studies via the ANU wide electives. This is then followed by further specialisations: Management Essentials that provides a coherent body of knowledge of leadership, change management, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy. International Business that provides an overview of the principal issues and considerations in the growth and functioning of international businesses. The courses develop skills and competencies in international business relating to the international business environment, as well as strategic management, societal business systems, marketing and human resource management in an international business context.
Learning Outcomes
1. Evaluate and synthesize evidence to inform decision making
2. Create opportunities and novel solutions to organizational challenges
3. Work effectively with others to resolve challenges
4. Adapt to complex and uncertain situations
5. Engage, inform and influence stakeholders
6. Incorporate the influence of a changing global environment
7. Model ethical behavior and make principled decisions
8. Apply specialized knowledge and skills in the area of international business


Project Management
Business Information Systems
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Human Resource Management
International Business
Management Essentials
Management Core

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