Master of General and Applied Linguistics


CRICOS course code: 108329M
Level of study: Postgraduate

As language assumes ever greater importance in an interconnected, multilingual world, the study of linguistics and applied linguistics is relevant to a growing number of careers from language teaching to natural language processing. In the Master of General and Applied Linguistics, you will have the opportunity to explore diverse topics across general and applied linguistics areas including structural linguistics, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, language contact, language teaching, language and culture, social interaction, forensic linguistics and language documentation.
You will engage deeply with current research, explore both established and more recent research methods, and carry out guided research activities in linguistics and applied linguistics. The program is well-suited to people wishing to expand their knowledge about language for professional purposes as well as to those who are considering further research. The degree also offers the optional opportunity to study a broad range of languages for people wishing to develop their proficiency in an additional language or even to start learning a new language. Eligible students in this program can transfer to the Master of General and Applied Linguistics Advanced program to do a thesis.
Learning Outcomes
critically examine literature, theories, ideologies and applied practices relevant to diverse linguistic and sociocultural phenomena;
apply established theoretical frameworks to the identification, description, analysis and explanation of linguistic data and language use;
synthesise relevant literature and other information sources to form cogent interpretations and to identify research gaps;
apply research principles and methods to language-related questions; communicate clearly and knowledgeably about language-related topics to academic, professional and general audiences.

Key Information
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