Master of Forestry


CRICOS course code: 082299G
Level of study: Postgraduate

Covering close to a third of the world’s surface, forests provide ecosystem services that are critical to human society and to environmental sustainability. Forestry encompasses the critically important management of natural forests and woodlands, plantations and agroforestry, through the practical application of scientific, economic and social principles. The Master of Forestry at ANU reflects the diversity of perspectives needed for effective forest resource management. You will take courses that develop your knowledge in either the science and methods or policy and management aspects of forestry and sustainable forest management.
Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate expert specialist knowledge and cognitive skills across a broad range of contemporary issues and challenges in forestry and forest sciences
Independently apply their knowledge and understanding of complex information and their analytical abilities to a range of problems, concepts and theories concerning forestry and forest sciences
Effectively communicate knowledge and understanding of forest science, methods, policy and management to a diversity of stakeholders

Key Information
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