Master of Financial Economics


CRICOS course code: 086226D
Level of study: Postgraduate

The Master of Financial Economics is an elite, interdisciplinary degree preparing graduates for a career requiring advanced analytical skills and drawing on an advanced knowledge of finance and economics. The program not only teaches students how to apply well known models but also equips them with an understanding of the technical foundations of those models. These skills are highly marketable because they allow for the design and empirical testing of new financial instruments and models in new market environments.
Learning Outcomes
Utilize standard financial models to analyze and price financial assets.
Utilize their understanding of the economic foundations of financial assets as claims on resources in various market and corporate settings to design financial instruments and strategies.
Use time series statistics and financial econometrics to evaluate financial economic models.
Justify and communicate the necessary management skills for dealing with organizations, teams and policy issues, so as to be able to work independently and collaboratively to collect, process, interpret and communicate the outcomes of financial economic problems; and,
Demonstrate the skills necessary to critically engage with and evaluate financial economic problems

Key Information
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