Master of Environmental and Resource Economics


CRICOS course code: 082295A
Level of study: Postgraduate

This program provides the tools of economic analysis at an advanced level and applies them to policy issues with a focus on environmental and resource economics. Areas of specialization covered in elective courses include: agricultural and resource economics, cost-benefit analysis, economic development, econometric methods, economic regulation, and environmental and natural resource policy. A common theme across these courses is the integration of environmental and resource decisions into the broader context of national and international economic policy. Graduates find ready employment with universities, national and international policy agencies, leading corporations and civil society organizations.
Learning Outcomes
use advanced tools to analyze the economic effects of policy change and to formulate economic policies
understand the issues in the coordination of policies in environmental and resource economics
access the academic literature in applied economics and economic policy
undertake independent research in applied economics and policy, especially in environmental and resource economics

Key Information
Visa Information
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