Master of Engaging Asia


CRICOS course code: 103371E
Level of study: Postgraduate

This degree positions you to lead effective, deep, and engaged relationships with Asia in applied contexts. How will Asia and our region respond to rising inequality, social upheaval, climate change, border challenges, and transformative technologies? This degree offers the comparative and self-reflective perspective necessary for intercultural leadership skills. Approaching the idea of international engagement from multiple angles and cultural viewpoints, this program critically evaluates how histories, geopolitics, diasporas, and popular culture shape relationships between Australia and Asia. In a world where many shared global challenges require nuanced understandings of environmental crisis, technological innovation, and public health, this degree gives you humanistic and social science tools to address these STEM sites of crisis in historically informed and culturally sensitive ways. You can pursue advanced study in areas of international engagement, social change, political transformation, health crisis, and environmental challenges, while you have the opportunity to apply these regional understandings to such fields as business, diplomacy, tourism, environmental management, and public policy in courses offered across the ANU. In this program, you can develop long-term networks with leading experts in regional affairs. The ANU is home to one of the largest concentrations of scholars focusing on Asia in the world. It offers world-class language training and provides notable opportunities for in-country experiences. In this degree, you build a flexible skill set for professional advancement that allows you to approach key challenges in the region with rigor, empathy, and nuance.
Employment Opportunities
This degree allows professionals in a wide range of fields, such as the public service, business, consulting, public health, journalism, and non-profit management, the capacity to take a leadership role in advancing an organisation’s engagement with Asia.

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