Master of Emergency and Disaster Management


CRICOS course code: 082431J
Level of study: Postgraduate

Based in the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, at the centre of the ‘Top End’ and Australia’s gateway to Indonesia and Southeast Asia, this highly unique postgraduate program focuses on a geographic region that is arguably the most prone to, and affected by, various types of disasters.

As an emergency and disaster management specialist, you will have the skills and ability to apply your knowledge and experience appropriately, collaboratively and productively in this vulnerable region and other parts of the world.

You will have the essential knowledge and skills required to lead and manage all phases of the disaster management cycle.

You will be able to confidently apply your academic studies to practical responses and report on your professional experience into the academic sphere of this rapidly evolving sector.

This in-depth course promotes its uniqueness in three areas:
1. its focus on Asia-Pacific Region
2. its informed practice and research
3. its multi-sectoral approach.
This course is a pathway for further studies and is supported by nationally and internationally respected leading industry partners.

The Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management are also nested within the Master’s degree course as entry and exit pathways to this program. The course also provides you with the technical, managerial and leadership skills required to progress in your current career or to enter new career pathways. The option to focus on a particular area or shift to an aligned specialization is provided through the wide range of specialist electives.
Course Structure

This 160 credit point course requires: 8 core coursework units (100cp) comprising 6 theory units and a 40cp research project and 6 specialist electives (60cp) comprising 2 research methodology and 4 specialist units selected from disciplines such as Health, Engineering, Management, Environment or Indigenous Knowledge’s. Specialist units can also be taken externally if approved the Course Coordinator.

A candidate must successfully complete units totalling 160 credit points. All units are valued at 10 credit points unless indicated.
The course is especially relevant to those people seeking advancement in Humanitarian, Emergency and Disaster Management in the following sectors: • National and international emergency and disaster response agencies • International humanitarian aid and development agencies • Governmental and non-governmental agencies • Oil, gas and mining industries Security and defence forces.

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