Master of Diplomacy


CRICOS course code: 101474
Level of study: Postgraduate

The Master of Diplomacy is your pathway to professional advancement, equipping you with knowledge about practices of international affairs and real-world skills to effectively represent your country or organization at an international level.
The degree provides exciting study and career options in the important and prestigious arena of diplomatic practice. You will be taught by internationally recognized research scholars from the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy and senior diplomats from Australia and elsewhere, and you will graduate from a world-class university, positioning you firmly in the center of a global network of leading scholars and policy-makers.
Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of transnational diplomacy and its contemporary challenges, from the perspective of multiple actors, such as a civil service department, multilateral body, international corporation or non-government organization;
Display effective diplomatic skills with the ability to engage with transnational issues in a globalized environment with the use of negotiation, persuasion, advocacy and protocol
Use theories of diplomatic studies to reflect upon the global management of the world’s problems through diplomatic dialogue, and the role of the use of force, and design multi-stakeholder processes that lead to solutions;
Use high-level research and writing skills to undertake self-directed study in diplomacy and communicate findings in academic and practical contexts, justifying their approach and methods as appropriate.
Use their knowledge and skills to analyze new areas of concern in both scholarly and policy-relevant terms.

Key Information
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