Master of Data Science


Level of study: Postgraduate

A Master of Data Science from the University of Newcastle will equip you with the essential specialised skills and knowledge required to understand and engage with a variety of data generated from diverse industries and settings. This professional and industry-oriented program will enable you to apply your theoretical statistical and computational knowledge to better understand and explore data using applied problem solving and computer practice.
You will gain the ability to model real-world situations, to think abstractly and to manipulate, analyse, interpret, visualise and effectively communicate data.
Analytical thinking and innovation, critical thinking and analysis, technology use, monitoring and control, technology design and programming and reasoning, problem-solving and ideation are all embedded within this degree, and are skills that have been identified as being in demand and emerging according to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report 2020.
Your core studies will focus on the following areas:
Databases and Information Management
Data Wrangling and Visualisation
Big Data
Predictive Analytics
Career opportunities
Possible career opportunities include:
data scientist
data engineer
data manager
business analyst
data and insights expert
Data Analyst and Scientist
Information Security Analyst
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialist
Big Data Specialist.

Key Information
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