Master of Commerce (Advanced)


CRICOS course code: 093294M
Level of study: Postgraduate

The Master of Commerce (Advanced) offers a pathway to PhD study specializing in accounting. Students with little background in accounting can still reach an advanced level of academic study. The program provides an advanced level of study in one or more accounting disciplines and requires the completion of research preparation coursework, and a research thesis in an accounting discipline.
The program is taught by research active academic staff. Students are exposed to professional and scholarly academic research in accounting, enhancing their academic competence. Students will also acquire research skills in accounting and will demonstrate the ability to undertake independent research.
Learning Outcomes
Integrate advanced theoretical and technical accounting knowledge in a business context, including issues in accounting research and research methods in accounting.
Exercise independent judgment to analyze and provide possible solutions to emerging and advanced accounting problems in complex contexts using where appropriate social, ethical, economic, regulatory, sustainability, governance and/or global perspectives.
Critically apply advanced theoretical, technical accounting knowledge and research-based skills to evaluate emerging and advanced accounting problems, and to conduct a research-based project.
Justify and communicate accounting ideas and theoretical issues to both specialists and non-specialists.

Key Information
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