Master of Applied Finance


CRICOS course code: 079659D
Level of study: Postgraduate

Do you dream of working in the leading financial cities of the world: New York, London, Shanghai, Sydney and Hong Kong? Have you ever wondered why some companies are successful and others fail? Are you interested in learning how to maximize profits and minimize risk? The ANU Master of Applied Finance will equip you to excel in the financial marketplace. This program is for you if you are, or are intending to become, a specialist in finance, or a professional offering advice in this area.
As a student you will be challenged to solve a variety of financial problems and will develop a keen analytical mind which will prove invaluable in the fast changing world of finance. As a Master of Applied Finance graduate from the Australian National University you will be highly sought-after by employers both in Australia and around world.
Learning Outcomes
Describe the three ideas underpinning finance: the time value of money; diversification; and, arbitrage
Critically assess the application of these three ideas to corporate financial decision-making; investment decisions and portfolio management; derivatives and risk management; portfolio construction; corporate valuation; and debt markets.
Use strong cognitive, technical and communication skills in interpreting, analysing, and evaluating financial information and problems. Use professional abilities that will enhance research and analytical skills.

Key Information
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