Master of Applied Cybernetics


CRICOS course code: 103368M
Level of study: Postgraduate

The Master of Applied Cybernetics is a 1 year full-time (or equivalent part-time) degree that provides students with: Advanced skills in managing cyber-physical systems from critical thinking and questioning, to an understanding of how the technology relates to the regulatory environment. A solid understanding of the machine and human components of a cyber-physical system, including their historical context. The intellectual framework for the management of complex, integrated systems within a social and environmental context. The opportunity to undertake cybernetics-related research and work experience of professional relevance.
Learning Outcomes
Select, adapt, apply, and communicate advanced methods and applied cybernetics techniques for analysing cyber-physical systems; Apply knowledge and analysis of cyber-physical systems to decision-making in a broad range of contexts, including: policy, business, community organisations, academia and service delivery; Examine current issues in cyber-physical systems from design to decommissioning using leading-edge research and design practices; Demonstrate advanced cognitive, technical, and communication skills to work independently and collaboratively to collect, process, interpret and communicate the outcomes of challenges and opportunities associated with cyber-physical systems; and Communicate complex systems outcomes of cyber-physical research and practice to diverse audiences.

Key Information
Visa Information
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