Master of Actuarial Practice


CRICOS course code: 079658E
Level of study: Postgraduate

Are you a maths whiz who wants stimulating work, limitless potential and an ever growing salary? This is the esteemed degree that will make you a thought leader in financial fields. With an ANU Master of Actuarial Practice degree you will excel your career literally anywhere in the world.
Risk is all around us – in investment markets, on the roads, from our health and the climate. This degree will teach you how to apply your mathematical talent in understanding, measuring and managing the risks.
Graduates will apply mathematical, statistical, financial, economic and other skills to untangle the most complex and difficult problems facing the commercial world.
Learning Outcomes
Apply these key concepts in advanced contexts by integrating technical concepts and business awareness; Analyse and interpret specific business situations so that the correct actuarial techniques can be applied; Utilise critical thinking to solve specific actuarial problems and communicate their results to a relevant audience; Apply actuarial research planning and methodology.

Key Information
Visa Information
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