MAR50320 Diploma of Maritime Operations – Master Less than 500 GT


CRICOS course code: 105104H
Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

Get qualified for a maritime career working as a master or chief mate on vessels less than 500 gross tonnage.
During this course you will experience fighting fires in simulated environments, practicing in-water survival skills and rescuing others in distress. You will also learn how to tie seaman’s knots and hitches to ships in rough waters.
This course will develop your leadership capability to lead and manage a crew on any size vessel. You will gain the skills to instruct the ship’s crew on watchkeeping, wheelhouse operations, environmental management, routine maintenance, record keeping and logbooks, communications and stability.
On successful completion of this course you will be able to perform the duties or functions of:
a master on vessels less than 24 metres (foreign going);
a chief mate on vessels with less than 3000 gross tonnage (GT);
a master of commercial vessels with less than 500 gross tonnage (GT); and
a mate on vessels with less than 500 gross tonnage (GT).
Ship’s Master

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