MAR50120 Diploma of Marine Engineering (Engineer Class 3 Near Coastal)


CRICOS course code: 103426F
Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

This maritime qualification prepares you for a career as a chief engineer. During your studies you will develop skills in fire prevention and firefighting, on board leadership and teamwork, vessel security procedures, personal safety and social responsibility, and survival craft and rescue boat operation. In addition, you will study pollution prevention, vessel compliance monitoring, maritime engineering calculations and operational mathematics and how to work in confined spaces.
This will allow you to work:
as a chief engineer on vessels with inboard engines with propulsion power up to 3000 kilowatts within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ);
as a chief engineer or second engineer on vessels with outboard engines with unlimited propulsion within the EEZ;
as an assistant, under the direct supervision of the chief engineer; and
in the engine room of a vessel up to 80 metres long with propulsion power up to 3000 kilowatts.
Marine Engineer

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