Learning from Data in Clinical Research using R


Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

This micro-credential builds upon data manipulation and visualisation skills to cover statistical principles of good study design and data analysis using statistical modelling in the context of clinical research. Enrollees will gain experience exploring patterns in data and inferring relationships between variables. Common misuses of data analysis, including “p-hacking” and overfitting, will be discussed in depth. The course will emphasise the importance of reproducible analyses, and enrolees will learn good practice through the creation of a reproducible analysis workflow using R markdown.
Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion, enrolees will have the knowledge and skills to:
Explore datasets within the R environment
Apply statistical models to infer treatment effects in a randomised controlled clinical trial
Interpret and presents the results of data analyses
Apply principles of good study design in clinical research
Build a data analysis workflow
Micro-credential stack information
This micro-credential may be undertaken as a stand-alone course or as part of a stack including:
Escape from Excel: Data Wrangling and Visualisation in the Health and Environmental Sciences using R

Key Information
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