Information and Communication Technologies in the Pacific


Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

The micro-credential aims to explore the governance, uptake and use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the Pacific region. ICTs to be examined include ‘new technologies’ such as basic mobile telephones, smartphones, the internet and social media. Access to news and other forms of information and communication will also be discussed for context, for example through mediums such as radio, television and newspapers. Governance of ICTs includes regulatory issues such as operator licences, spectrum allocation, interconnection, infrastructure sharing, universal access schemes, mobile telephone registration and pricing determinations. Cyber security and state surveillance will also be discussed in the credential. Uptake of ICTs differs between Pacific nations, due to factors such as affordability, network coverage, technical literacy and access to electricity. In the Pacific context, cultural norms, gender relations and family dynamics may also influence whether or not a person uses a mobile telephone or other ICT. Use of ICTs will be examined from four perspectives, relating to specific aims and practices: daily use, political use, development-focused use and e-government (electronic government).
Historical context, from traditional forms of communication in the Pacific to the advent of the mainstream media and, more recently, increasing access to ICTs
Governance of ICTs in the Pacific region
Uptake of ICTs in the Pacific region
Daily use of ICTs in the Pacific region
Political uses of ICTs in the Pacific region
ICT4D: the use of ICTs for development outcomes
e-government (electronic government)
Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion, enrollees will have the knowledge and skills to:
Demonstrate an understanding of the governance, uptake and use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the Pacific
Understand relevant terminology
Comprehend the limitations and opportunities regarding ICTs in the Pacific
Apply understanding to the design of an e-government or ICT4D project with potential application in the Pacific (or one part thereof)

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