Inclusive Research Methodologies


Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

This micro-credential will consider the epistemological and methodological opportunities and consequences of undertaking inclusive research in Pacific contexts. A recent trend in development research has been to work with local researchers in equitable partnerships to design and implement research projects that meaningfully resonate with them and their communities. This trend responds to a growing evidence base that research in the Pacific has mirrored colonialist frames of inquiry, without nuanced understanding of local context, and without privileging the voices of the most marginalised in those societies, including women, the disabled, and those living in remote communities. The micro-credential will present strategies to strengthen inclusivity in both the methods and content of Pacific research.
Research ethics in the Pacific: privilege, voice and standpoints
Implementing inclusive research projects in the Pacific: partnerships, time, logistics, culture
Inclusive research questions and topics: what is researched in the Pacific and who does it benefit?
Research subjects: intersectionality and extending the sample from the ‘usual subjects’
Inclusive methods for data collection and data analysis
Sharing inclusive research: authorship, acknowledgement, community and policy impact
Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion, enrollees will have the knowledge and skills to:
Identify key stages and actors in inclusive research design and implementation
Explain the relationship between intersectionality and development in the Pacific, and its impact on research design
Contrast inclusive and non-inclusive research methodologies in Pacific contexts
Justify and support the adoption of inclusive research practices in development studies
Design an original inclusive research project that is fit for purpose in a development context

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