Graduate Certificate of Political Science


CRICOS course code: 103870H
Level of study: Postgraduate

The Graduate Certificate of Political Science will equip students with an in-depth knowledge of contemporary political affairs and provides you with the analytical frameworks and research skills needed to understand the modern political landscape. It enables students to address a range of critical questions, such as: What motivates voters to support populist candidates? How can election outcomes be more accurately forecast? What is the source of ethnic conflicts and how can it be best understood?
The program will be of interest to those intending to pursue research-oriented careers in government, international organisations, NGOs and private bodies, and to those intending further study in the field.
Learning Outcomes
Understand key theories in political science; Identify and understand relevant political science methods; Critically analyse evidence-based research and policy across a range of political issues; Use theories and methods from political science to explain contemporary political affairs in Australia, Asia, and globally.

Key Information
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