Graduate Certificate of Pacific Development


CRICOS course code: 103366B
Level of study: Postgraduate

The Pacific region faces a number of challenging development and policy issues whilst also being at the heart of many global debates such as climate change and security. This graduate certificate provides a condensed pathway to deeper research-led learning on the Pacific region for policymakers, program designers, researchers and analysts working on and in the Pacific region. This flexible program offers the foundations to understand the complexities of development in the Pacific, while covering the depth and breadth of the current development, societal and political issues affecting the Pacific region. Students can choose from courses with traditional and intensive delivery methods, featuring assessment methods which foster critical awareness through an emphasis on building an evidence-base for policy work.
Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate an awareness of theory and concepts of development, together with an appreciation of how they inform and shape debate, and an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses; Identify and describe Pacific development problems and the key issues that comprise them; Reflect critically on how Australia might effectively engage with and contribute to Pacific development; Demonstrate familiarity with research principles relevant to Pacific development

Key Information
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