Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics


Level of study: Postgraduate

Informed, evidence-based decision-making is a guiding feature of businesses in today’s data-driven world. Knowing how to understand, analyse and use data is crucial to the success of businesses across various industries.
If you’re interested in enhancing your career possibilities by gaining specialised data analytical skills, the Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics at the University of Newcastle will equip you with the professional knowledge to understand and engage with data from diverse industry and business settings.
You’ll focus on predictive data analysis, data processing and visualisation, developing analytical techniques used in business and decision-making.
Fundamental to a career in data analytics is an understanding of the legal frameworks that underpin the use of data in professional practice. This course will equip you with a detailed understanding of particular legislation around privacy, security, intellectual property, and social responsibility.
You’ll also explore methods for developing analytical techniques used in business. Through visual explorations and formal analytical testing and modelling, you’ll learn how to prepare real-world projects, define objectives and communicate data effectively to influence business decision-making and success.
Data analysts are highly sought after, working with senior management teams to discover ways to turn data insights into strategic goals, increase productivity and add value to businesses.
What you will study
A Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics from the University of Newcastle will provide you with the specialised skills to extract and communicate information from data. If you’re already employed in a business-related field or an industry that would benefit from specialised data analytics, then this program will equip you with practical skills and give you confidence to analyse and interpret data to improve decision making and the communication of results.
You’ll focus on the following areas:
Data Wrangling and Visualisation
Data Analytics for Business Intelligence
Professional Practices in IT
Career opportunities
The Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics is designed to appeal to business professionals looking to gain detailed understanding of data analytics and how this can be used in the business world.
Leading-edge companies in every industry are recognising the importance of data analytics and how this can influence decision-making and business strategy. Study a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics at the University of Newcastle and expand your career options to take on roles like:
business analyst
business intelligence specialist
data analyst
data and insights expert
Information Security Analyst
Big Data Specialist
Organisational Development Specialist.

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