Flexible Double Degree – Engineering and Advanced Computing (Honours)


CRICOS course code: 079094C
Level of study: Undergraduate

The Flexible Double Degree groups allow students to combine two Bachelor degrees of their choice. Students can build their own combination to suit both a career path and a personal passion. The Engineering and Advanced Computing Group allows for over 80 unique degree combinations. These options allow you to couple technical knowledge with a diverse range of options in science, business and social sciences.
You must take one of the following degrees:
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Bachelor of Software Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Research & Development)(Honours)
Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Research & Development)(Honours)
Bachelor of Advanced Computing
with a degree from the following list:
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies
Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Asian Studies
Bachelor of Biotechnology
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability
Bachelor of Finance
Bachelor of Genetics
Bachelor of Information Technology
Bachelor of International Security Studies
Bachelor of Languages
Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Pacific Studies
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
Bachelor of Statistics

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