Flexible Double Degree – Arts, Social Sciences, Business, Science


CRICOS course code: 079093D
Level of study: Undergraduate

The Flexible Double Degree Groups allow students to combine two Bachelor degrees of their choice. Students can build their own combination to suit both a career path and a personal passion. The Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Science Group offers the broadest range of choices with over 600 degree combinations available. These options allow you to build depth, create interdisciplinary breadth, and fulfill both professional ambitions and intellectual curiosity.
Choose two of the following degrees:
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies *
Bachelor of Archaeological Practice
Bachelor of Art History and Curatorship
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Asian Studies
Bachelor of Biotechnology #
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Classical Studies
Bachelor of Commerce +
Bachelor of Criminology
Bachelor of Design Arts *
Bachelor of Development Studies
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Environmental Studies
Bachelor of European Studies
Bachelor of Finance +
Bachelor of Genetics *#
Bachelor of Information Technology
Bachelor of International Relations
Bachelor of International Security Studies
Bachelor of Languages
Bachelor of Latin American Studies
Bachelor of Medical Science
Bachelor of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Pacific Studies
Bachelor of Policy Studies
Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science (Forest Sciences)
Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
Bachelor of Science (Resource and Environmental Management)
Bachelor of Statistics
Bachelor of Visual Arts
* Degrees include pre-requisites in addition to ATAR
# Degrees of Biotechnology, Genetics and Medical Science cannot be combined with each other.
+ The Bachelor of Commerce with a Finance major cannot be undertaken with the Bachelor of Finance.
You must meet the entry requirements (entrance rank and any prerequisites) for both the degrees you choose. Domestic UAC applicants do not need to indicate which two degrees they wish to combine until they accept their offer.
Many of the degrees listed in this Flexible Double Degree Group are professionally accredited. See the individual course entries of the degrees listed to find out more about who recognizes these qualifications.

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